Easy Steps To Decorate Custom Photo On Tile

Decorating a normal ceramic tiles with any images, designs, phrases or artistic creation of your kid can lead to long-lasting and fascinating artworks that can also be presented as a gift item or showcases on tiny tripods.

Framed photo on tiles can be accommodated easily at any location for personal and lasting style statement. Affixing photos or painting designs on tiles is not that difficult as you might be considering.

To make a photo on tile gifts, select a less or more permeable and unsmooth tile, as the glossy surface of tiles will not allow the picture to fix properly. Select the best picture that you want to stick on that tile and take it to any photocopy store to get the laser print reverse application as per the measurement of the tile. Here you can select the color laser imprint copy if the picture that you have selected is colored. You can also ask the staff to create photocopy with the regular copy paper. It is a great idea for possessing a small number of any additional copies to be printed if the initial attempt is not as per your expectation.

You can also do painting on the upper side and surface of the photo on tile gifts with high-quality acrylic paint modifier through not a reusable brush of foam paint. It can easily be obtained any local craft shops and takes just 15 minutes to set on the tile surface. You can apply paint on the face of the copy of laser photo with a deep coat of the acrylic binder or resin that get used as collage style glue element in such coating. This adhesive coat will allow the paper to roll easily. Now turn the tile photo over and place the tile on the top of immobile paper soaked in gel coating.

Flip tile and gently rub the paper with any horizontal end of burnishing means against the tile. Now cover the interior of the baking sheet with nice paper and place the tile keeping the upper side on paper. Heat over the upper side on paper.


Heat oven on 200-degree for around 45 minutes, which will allow the two surface to bind together and laser photocopy will fix by the gel. Take out the baking sheet from oven and allow the tile to come back to the room temperature.

You can also scatter some water on tile and properly wipe out photocopy paper with your fingertips. Further, proceed gently and cover entire tile as the picture has come out. Avoid rubbing harshly, as it can ruin the image when you will apply more pressure. Now take out support of photocopy paper, which will result in laser photo on the tile.


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